Fantastic movie reviews that you’ll forget for the rest of your life.

I believe film can be the perfect art form, capturing so many of the things that make us feel in one place. Movies unite and rip apart. They can be mindless or force us to rethink everything we know. CinemaConnoisseur is a collection of subjective thoughts on individual films. My thoughts.

A few things to know about me before you read further.

  1. My favorite genre is Mind-F**k (specifically French Mind-F**k)
  2. My opinion can change over time
  3. I take films and film culture seriously, but not myself

Latest Reviews


My favorite artist is one whose primary goal is to provoke. Whether eliciting a love-it or hate-it response, the mission is accomplished if there is no neutral stance taken. If I had to guess, Julia Ducournau falls squarely in this category, of the handful of people that I’ve shown this film to, as well asContinue reading “Raw”

Keeping Mum

This is an instance where the rating really doesn’t tell the whole story! Keeping Mum is beyond enjoyable and endlessly rewatchable… at least for me. It’s no mystery why I connect with this barely average film. It’s two hours of whimsical British dark comedy that leverages the combined talent of Rowan Atkinson, Maggie Smith, andContinue reading “Keeping Mum”


Originally published 1/3/22 I predict that one day this will nab the slot for my favorite movie of all time. Not there just yet, but I just watched this for the fifth time and it keeps moving up the list. Not a day has passed since I first saw this in 2018 that I haven’t thought about it.Continue reading “Climax”


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